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Weekly Meat Raffles

Immerse yourself in the excitement of Hotel Bargo's weekly meat raffles, an event that not only promises a tantalizing blend of delectable meat prizes but also contributes to the growth and spirit of the local community. Sponsored by the renowned Mangan Meats, a trusted local supplier known for quality cuts and exceptional service, these raffles are a true highlight for both meat enthusiasts and supporters of local sports.

Every week, as the aromas of fresh cuts waft through the air, guests gather in anticipation for the chance to win an array of premium meats, from succulent steaks to flavorful sausages and everything in between. The thrill of hearing your number called and selecting your prize is unparalleled, making each raffle a memorable experience for all attendees.

What sets these raffles apart is their underlying purpose: all proceeds generated are generously directed towards supporting the local soccer team. By participating in this community-driven event, not only do you stand a chance to win premium meats from Mangan Meats, but you also contribute to the development and success of budding athletes in the area.

Join us at Hotel Bargo for an evening of fun, flavor, and fundraising, where the clinking of glasses mingles with the hum of excitement as we come together to enjoy good company, delicious meats, and the satisfaction of giving back to our local community. Let's make a difference one raffle at a time, savoring every moment of camaraderie and support as we aim to elevate our local soccer team to greater heights.

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