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The Hotel Bargo has a rich history dating back to 1926 when it was established by John Joseph Cleary. Prior to that, during the old coaching days, the area had a number of previous inns. However, the granting of the hotel's license did face some opposition, particularly from the resident engineer of the Avon Dam who believed it would disrupt the productivity of the workers employed there.

Despite the objections, the petition for the hotel's license was eventually approved, leading to its grand opening on July 9, 1926. For many years, the hotel was owned by Tooths Brewery until 1981 when FJ Deegan acquired the freehold title. Since then, it has changed ownership several times, with the current licensees taking over in Bargo in 2023.

Business Owner : Andrew Ingram

Licensee: Luke Willoughby

Luke Willoughby

Andrew Ingram 

Old photo front
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